Church Leaders Round Table

Church Leaders Roundatble, 29 Sept 6pm

This round table is designed to be a gathering point for those in Church leadership within Churches that have a heart to see Essex transformed and who have a desire to journey together to see the fulfilment of the Transforming Essex Vision.

We recognise that we are so much stronger together and that there is such benefit in putting aside difference and intentionally building together relationally to provide support, encouragement, love and a place of connection for Church leaders who share this vision.  We meet together semi-regularly to build relationship together and from this basis to then be a place of connection and resource to one another.   

Whilst we are aware that Church leaders may have all sorts of points of connection and relationship, we are looking to provide a context where conversation can focus on how we and the Churches that we represent can help work out the TE vision together.  A place where we can strategise, celebrate, communicate and act on the things that God is calling us to together as we see God move across this county in greater and greater measure.

Whilst the TE Core Team work alongside Christians looking to impact in every area, this Round table focuses on the impact that Churches can have together and looks to provide support and understanding to the unique role that Church leaders can find themselves in as they journey.  We recognise the invaluable place of support and encouragement that we can be to one another on the good and the not so good days, and therefore we look to champion one another on and one day to be able to look back and say look what we achieved together!  

We are still in our early days as a Round Table and looking to grow and connect together into deeper relationships.  We try not to meet too regularly as most of us are already very busy people, but are looking to maximise opportunities when TE are already gathering and love to be relational over food!!! (That has been more tricky over the Covid-period obviously).   

If this stirs your heart and you are a Church leader and would like to get involved, please contact me, Chrissy Burgess either by text (07455 700279) or e-mail  it would be great to welcome you!! 

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