How do Roundtables work?


The Transforming Essex core team intend to facilitate as many gathering points and networking opportunities as possible, to allow you to find people with a similar vision or heart to join a round table.

One or two people will be needed to lead or facilitate the roundtable.

We will publish information about active roundtables as needed and give you a contact point in the Core Team to explore the possibility of joining a roundtable further.


We believe God has spoken to us specifically about establishing a culture. It’s this loved-based culture that will transform the county, not lots of people being ‘busy’.

Therefore one of the primary tasks of any roundtable is to make sure every member is establishing this culture not only in their own lives, but in the context of the community and action of the roundtable.

Our culture is:


Love is our foundation, motivation and goal


On the Holy Spirit and God’s Word


Not hierarchical or positional


Of one another


Believing for the miraculous and the impossible


Living as God intended


Mutual submission to gift, call and anointing


We lift up and cheer on


All are empowered to contribute


All are significant and respected


Only through God and for God


Listening to one another and welcoming feedback

The five C's

The roundtables need to be connected to one another, so that we can encourage and champion one another. We also feel it’s important to be able to keep a track of what God is doing across the county. The five C’s facilitate the communication and empowerment we need.

1. Connection

Each table needs to have a point of connection to the core team or to the table it spawned from. Most typically this will be the leader of the table.

2. Contribution

What do I bring to the table? Be empowered to speak up, contribute and build into the life of the roundtable.

3. Commission

Sending to ‘do’. What might your group do or achieve together?

4. Continuous

Relationships feeding back into the core team via the communication chain.*

5. Celebration

Share stories and testimonies.

*The Communication Chain

At this foundational stage, it’s important for each first generation roundtable to have a ‘point person’ on the core team, for the purposes of communication. This might be for support and encouragement, but it is also to facilitate the sharing of good news and activity of the roundtable. Having this information means we can ALL celebrate one another, and we can track the difference we are making.

It is expected that most roundtables will ‘spawn’ other roundtables. For example the current intercessors roundtable might generate a few regional intercessors groups in different parts of Essex. Where this happens, the core team point person will still connect with the leader of the 1st generation roundtable, but it is expected the leader of the 1st gen roundtable would be the connection and communication point for the new table(s), communicating with both the leader of the 2nd gen roundtable, and their point person on the core team. If a 2nd gen roundtable then spawns a 3rd the leader of the 2nd gen roundtable becomes the connection point between the 1st gen table and so on…