Vision & Culture

Our vision

Every aspect of Essex transformed by the creative genius of God’s radical love, from generation to generation.

Our identity

A family of believers pursuing God’s heart to transform Essex in all sections of society.


  • We’re sons and daughters of God
  • Brothers & sisters and Mums & Dads to one another and Essex

Lovers of God

  • Receiving God's Love
  • Pursuing His love
  • Being His love

Our culture


Love is our foundation, motivation and goal


On the Holy Spirit and God’s Word


Not hierarchical or positional


Of one another


Believing for the miraculous and the impossible


Living as God intended


Mutual submission to gift, call and anointing


We lift up and cheer on


All are empowered to contribute


All are significant and respected


Only through God and for God


Listening to one another and welcoming feedback

Foundational prophetic words

Carl Wills

God says, ‘I am going to transform the reputation by which Essex is known.’

Paul Manwaring

‘Be Boudacious’ – in the spirit of Queen Boudica who refused to be subject to occupying forces in this region nor to be defined by shame.

Jules Loveland

Generational legacy is in his heart, not a vision that rises and fades; the transforming power of Essex will be us conformed to his love and loving Essex his way; develop strategic relationships and partnerships; bring those whose sphere of influence is a key area of the community together; find the spiritual Mums and Dads who can support and input to the journey; Essex needs to be given back its heavenly identity; it is a culture internal and external and not activity alone, that will transform Essex.