Declaring God’s Goodness

Young children walking to school

September is here and that means that Pre-Schools, Schools, Colleges and Universities are re-starting!

As this new academic year starts, let us declare God’s miracles and goodness over the whole realm of education! Please stand with us in lifting up everyone working in this sphere in prayer as they step into this new academic year, and for blessing and protection for all the students of Essex- from the youngest to the oldest.

We would love you to join us in making these declarations together:

  • The children and young people of Essex are world-changers!  God is helping them to learn, remember and grow.  To be those who influence others around them with God’s goodness and heaven’s agenda.  
  • We declare that the teachers and educators of Essex will have great ideas, creative wisdom  and patience from heaven.
  • We declare fantastic relational connections
  • We declare peace over every educational environment- that the shalom of heaven will be released bringing calm, tranquillity and order.  
  • This year will be the best year yet!

We would love to hear any other inspired declarations you are making also.
How can you champion your children and young people for this academic year?  How can you look to bring encouragement and blessing to those that you know who work in the sphere of education?

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