Baby Shower Blessing

At Southend Christian Fellowship we have been running a number of events over the summer focused on just blessing and showing the love of God to our local community. 

One of these was a baby shower which was open to anyone who is pregnant, but specifically hoping to bless those who might not be able to have one of their own. It was the first time we had run this particular event.

The afternoon went well and we had a number of mums to be booked in. After the event a member of our congregation who hadn’t been at the event bumped into an older lady looking after a baby in the local area, he got into conversation and the lady began to chat and informed him that she and her daughter had just been to the baby shower and how amazing it had been. She said that her daughter had been going through some really difficult life situations and that they would never have been able to afford to have had one by themselves and what a difference it had made! 

One of the prophetic words that we have over us as a congregation is that we are a place of refuge and also a resource centre. It has been so great so this being outworked in such practical ways and the impact that this has had on a number of people!’

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